Let’s be honest. There are so many issues in your relationships that you can’t think straight. Your mother is not talking to you, your sister just cussed you out, and your friends keep pulling you into their drama. Every time you turn around, you have to “deal” with something. After dealing with so many issues, you feel like you can’t “deal” anymore. Everybody keeps wanting you to do better, but you feel like you can’t handle it. You just can’t deal with the BS (belief systems).

You think that it’s the “drama” that’s holding you back from going back to school, or getting that job you want. Now, you’ve posted, “I don’t do drama” everywhere. You think that it’s the drama that other people have caused in your life that holds you back. While that drama is real, it is not enough to hold you back from pursuing your purpose. Your thoughts about the situation is what holds you back. When you start thinking better, your life can get better.

The fact remains that these issues are real, and it’s not easy to see your way past the BS. A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking over and over again. After a period of time, your subconscious mind accepts it as true, and helps you to create a life that reflects those beliefs. Every time you get into an argument with your loved ones you feel worthless. You beat yourself up about everything you’ve been through, and it makes you want to quit working toward your goal. Ultimately, your belief systems are the only thing that can really hold you back.

Many of you truly have complicated situations, but you can get through it. After you’ve accepted that you have some negative BS, you can change it.

Step 1: Make a Decision

You have to decide that you will not allow yourself to dwell on negative thoughts. No one can make you change the way you think but you. If you want a better job, look for one. Make a decision, and just do it.

Step 2: Be Intentional

As soon as you have a negative thought, change it. You might have to stop yourself mid-sentence sometimes. It is worth it. You don’t want the BS to pick up momentum and create more drama in your life. You can take it one step further, and commit to a 30 Day affirmation challenge.

Step 3: Believe in Yourself  

The harsh reality of life is that you will have some haters, but you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else. You have to build yourself up by telling yourself that there is more in you. Use affirmations to build yourself up. You can get through school, and you can have the career of your dreams.

The fact of the matter still remains that if you want something you haven’t had before, you have to do something that you haven’t done before. You have to start pushing away the BS. PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) it away by tapping into your power source. Ultimately, the best way to get through the BS is to PUSH through it.

I cannot promise you that this  process will be easy, but you  can do it. There’s more in you!

This post is dedicated to @rjazee because he suggested this topic. I invite all of you to comment, send questions, and post any suggestions or topics. I want to help you get back to school, get through school, and start a career. Let me know how I can help.

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