In order to transition from going to flowing, we must find that sweet spot.The sweet spot is a place that our souls have to touch. It’s a place where we’re in a flow. We’re not resisting but we’re embracing the gift of life. With the help of God, we’ve cleared out the clutter in our minds and in our hearts. We feel chills run throughout our bodies as we think of the greatness of God. Our will is aligned with God’s will and we are at peace within our soul.

So many of us, fail to realize that the sweet spot exists. We’re so caught up in the day to day stuff that we can’t see the forest for the trees. Some of us have been so stressed that our perspective has veered to the left. Everything we see appears distorted in the state of high levels of stress. In places of utter discouragement, we cannot see past our noses.

At times like this, we must remind ourselves that we are called to a purpose beyond paying bills and taking care of material things.There is so much more to life than going to a dead end job because it pays the bills. In all reality, working for a living is not important. However, at some point, it is time to start thinking bigger and seeking God for a greater understanding of the purpose in all that occurs in life.

Our personality, our style, our preferences, our interests, and our value system are all shaped by our experiences. The things that we experience are not by accident. All of our experiences shape us into what God has purposed for us to do.

Even when it doesn’t make sense to us, there is a purpose. God does not make mistakes or need do overs. When we were created, it was with a divine purpose. Therefore, it is our responsibility to seek Him to find out what it is that He would like to do with the time that He has put us here on earth.

At times, we get into routines and allow life to take over. We fail to pay attention to what God is saying through our lives. We begin to yearn for something without really being able to pin point what it is that we are seeking. This “something” that we are seeking is to find our sweet spot.

We all have a natural desire to feel a sense of peace. God designed us a certain way for a diivine purpose. Therefore, when we are not walking in our purpose, we’re not at peace. We feel off balance, unstable, and uneasy. Many times, we know that something has to change, but we’re not sure what has to change.

The first step is to acknowledge God and allow Him to direct us (Prov. 3:5). As we begin to allow God to direct us, our soul opens up to the divine. We begin to see ourselves in a new light. He begins to give us a greater understanding of ourselves on a deeper level.

Through having a relationship with God, we can find our sweet spot. Regardless of where we are in life, there is more in us. We have the potential to experience more peace, more love, and more joy. It’s up to us to seek God so that we can live life more abundantly.

Much Love & Many Blessings,
Detra D. Wilson, M.S.E.
Certified Life Coach

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